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The Best Fly Repellent to get rid of flies

Are you worried about the infestations of flies in your house? Have you tried many types of fly repellents in vain? If yes, this article will be of great help to you. Here, we are going to talk about the best type of fly repellent – The FlyTrap Fan ™, that will scare flies away and keep them far from your home. Thanks to this device, you can also get immense relief from infestations of swatting bees and wasps.

Before we get into knowing more about the FlyTrap Fan and how it works to keep flies away, let us understand some of the basic concepts of flies and their infestations. The main sections that we will discuss here are:

  • Different types of flies that cause infestations in your buildings
  • What kinds of diseases are caused by fly infestations
  • Identifying fly infestations
  • How to get rid of flies in your homes as naturally as possible
  • How to choose the best fly repellent
  • Details on how the FlyTrap Fan ™ works and why it is the best way to get rid of flies

Infestations from house flies are the most common both inside and outside your commercial or residential building. Contrary to popular beliefs, all houseflies aren’t the same. To know what methods you have to adapt to get rid of house flies, you should first know which type of fly has infested your home.

Very broadly, houseflies are classified into two main types – large filth flies and small filth flies, based on their size. Both these types are known to invade homes in large numbers and contaminate the food particles, thereby spreading various diseases to humans and pets.

Large filth flies

Some of the most popular types of large filth flies are the common housefly, cluster fly and blow flies. Here is a brief overview of each one of them to help you understand them better.

Common houseflies – These the usual gray-colored files that usually infest the kitchens in your homes. They love to contaminate the food particles that are left open in the kitchens, and they commonly reside near trash cans and other wet surfaces. Due to their nature of laying eggs at will and residing in all areas of your homes, they are also the carriers of many diseases.

Cluster Flies – They are known by this name because they always invade your house in large numbers. They are quite big and have unique golden hairs in their thorax region. During the autumn season, these flies try to get indoors in large numbers for overwintering. After the winters, they try to move outdoors. These are the two main cases when you can notice infestations from them. Attics and the small cracks in the walls are the favorite residing places of these flies.

Blow Flies - Due to their unique bottle-like shape, these flies are known as bottle flies. They come in two attractive colors- blue and black. Sometimes, you will also see shiny green-colored blow flies in your homes, near the trash cans or the attics. This is because blow flies love to thrive on rotten and leftover food.

Small filth flies

These are quite small in size when compared to the large filth flies. The most common types of small filth flies that would invade your homes are the drain fly, fruit fly, and lesser house fly.

Drain Flies - Though these are tiny and have moth-like structures, drain flies are hard to spot because they are so small they can reside inside the tubes or sink drains. They lay eggs in these wet areas and their infestations keep spreading phenomenally by the time you notice the same. Unused garbage and dirty places are where you can spot these flies.

Fruit flies - These are known as fruit flies because they feed on ripe fruits, fruit juices, sweet syrups, and any other sugary food items. They have a yellow or tan-colored body with bright red eyes. Most of the time, they live inside the sink drains or in wet & dirty places in your home. If you have any food items lying around in the open in your area, you can expect infestations from fruit files at any time.

Lesser House Flies – Also known as the little house fly, these lesser house flies are just about 60% of the size of the common housefly. Their small bodies and their choice of hiding places make it very difficult for you to spot infestations from them if any.

Diseases Caused by Flies

Why are we stressing so much about the type of flies you can expect in your home and how to repel flies? Why should you invest in this creative natural fly repellent that we are going to talk about in the later sections? It is because flies aren’t as harmless as they appear to be. The food particles that the flies contaminate and their infestations can lead to serious problems because flies are the carriers of these diseases:

The diet of houseflies mostly includes feces, rotten & leftover food, garbage, and other spoiled foods. This makes them pick up pathogens easily. These insects deposit their germ-filled pathogens wherever they invade or reside. They also excrete and vomit in your kitchens, which leads to the easy transfer of germs from the surface to your body or to the utensils you use.

According to pest experts across the globe, these common houseflies can transmit around 65 diseases to humans. While none of these diseases are severe, they cannot be ignored. Fly infestations can result in the following ailments:

  • Food poisoning that may lead to abdominal pain and digestion-related issues
  • Dysentery
  • Nausea
  • Salmonella (a type of bacterial infection that affects the intestines)
  • Typhoid
  • Tuberculosis
  • Anthrax (a type of infection that causes skin rashes and breathlessness)
  • Cholera

Hence, it is very important that you spot fly infestations at the earliest and get rid of them in the most effective way to save yourself and your family from these ailments. However, this is easier said than done. We already told you that flies are small and they hide in remote locations. Therefore, identifying their invasions is not an easy task.

Here are some clues you have to watch out for to identify fly infestations quickly.

Identifying fly infestations

Are you worried if there are fly infestations in your home? Here are some common signs that will confirm your doubts:

Presence of one fly is reason enough

When you spot one fly near your attic, wall, window, or trash can, it means you can expect more fly infestations in remote areas in your place. Usually blue or gray-colored flies that keep flying here and there are the ones that tell you more about the presence of their families in remote corners of your home.

Black dots near drains or wet places

Do you find small, black-colored dots near your sink drains, wet places, trash cans, food containers, cracks in the walls and attics? If yes, it means that flies have infested your homes. These black dots are nothing but the droppings or feces of the flies. Sometimes, these dark dots may also be found in hard-to-reach places such as above the topmost shelves in your kitchen.

Presence of maggots

Maggots are small flies that grow from the hatched eggs. Female houseflies are capable of laying over hundreds of eggs in wet places, leftover food, rotten foods, dirty garbage, and other dirty places. You will be surprised to know that these eggs hatch within 24 hours and small maggots are formed from them. When you notice maggots feeding near your trash cans, you should check for infestations of flies in all the areas in your homes.

Now that you have understood how to identify fly infestations, here are some ways in which you can try to get rid of flies without using harsh chemicals. This way you can keep your family and pets safe.

Getting rid of flies has two main types of processes involved – controlling the infestations of flies and eliminating them. The first is the preventive process and it is always the most recommended process.

Here are some preventing measures that you can undertake to keep flies away from invading your homes:

  • Keeping your doors and windows closed so that flies don’t have much access into your homes
  • Clean your garbage regularly and clean your kitchen counters properly so that there are no food particles lying around
  • Trash cans must be closed tightly so that flies cannot enter inside

When you are choosing a good fly repellent for your homes, you have to ensure that you select the right product for your needs. You will find many types of fly repellents in the market such as an indoor fly repellent, outdoor fly repellent, fly repellent for patios and more. With so many products in the market, it is bound to get challenging for you to choose the right fly repellent for your requirements.

Here are some points you have to remember when choosing a good fly repellent or deterrent:

Check the ingredients - You should choose only those fly repellents that contain one of the top three ingredients such as synthetic chemicals, chemicals obtained from plants or any essential oil. This way you can be assured about the performance of the fly repellent n keeping flies away.

Sensivity factor - When you plan to apply a fly repellent on your skin, you should be extra careful about the sensitivity of its ingredients. Choose chemicals that have a low concentration of synthetic chemicals, for best results.

Time of protection - You have to choose fly repellents that offer about 90 minutes of complete protection from flies.

Type of application - Fly repellents are available in various types such as gels, sprays, lotions, soaps, creams, traps, wipes and more. Know which type would suit you the best before choosing the right product.

The fly repellents discussed above may be easy to apply, but they have some chemicals in them. Therefore, they may cause some irritation to you or your family members. Sometimes, the aroma of these repellents can lead to breathing problems for people in your family. So how do you get rid of flies in the house completely?

Here is a great choice for you – the FlyTrap Fan! It is the ultimate way to get rid of flies naturally, without having to deal with any harsh chemicals or irritating aromas. With their simple operation and effective performance, these fans help to keep pests away forever.

Our indoor fly trap fan is the best bet for you to get rid of flies in a simple and effective manner. Here are some features that will tell you more about its modus operandi:

  • Lightweight fan that comes with electric blades to scare the flies
  • Holographic dots on the blades come with lights that scare the flies; therefore, you don’t have to deal with nasty flies anymore.
  • You can keep the fan anywhere you want; now you can enjoy your meals and picnics freely without swatting flies, bees or wasps.
  • The holographic dots have bending lights that are new to the flies; therefore, they see it as a sign of danger.
  • The propeller blades are soft and provide easy access to food, while they are in motion.
  • When the blades come in contact with any obstacle, they stop automatically and resume working once the obstacle is removed. The motion of the blades can be stopped by a simple hand movement.
  • This fan needs only a couple of AA batteries to get started. You have to buy the batteries separately as we don’t provide them along with the fan.
  • The innovative design of this natural fly deterrent ensures that you can hang it upside down as well as anywhere you want. It is best suited to be used in restaurants and other large areas where food is being prepared, as flies can be kept away.
  • Since there are no chemicals involved, this natural fly trap is safe for kids as well. You can use this fan indoors and outdoors with the utmost ease and comfort.

Here are some advantages you can enjoy when you use our fly repellers at your home:

  • It is very easy to set up and operate.
  • You don’t have to handle the mess of cords and cables, as these fans can run for a long time just on two batteries.
  • Our fan drives away the flies without using any harsh chemicals, thanks to the bending lights found on the blades.
  • Our fan is designed with creative and soft blades that can be interrupted whenever you want and can be resumed automatically.
  • You can continue with your usual work without spending any time and effort in swatting flies because our fans do a great job out of it.
  • Our repellent can be used easily both indoors and outdoors; therefore, you don’t have to invest in additional fly repellents for different places.

Some important points to note

While FlyTrap Fan ™ is the best fly repellent you can ever choose for your home, it is very important that you follow some basic rules pertaining to hygiene to keep flies infestations at bay. Keep your house clean and resort to natural remedies first to keep flies away.

When fly infestations are too high and you aren’t able to do anything to control them, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional pest control company for help. These companies have experts who are highly experienced in identifying the remote hiding places of flies and getting rid of them completely.

So what are you waiting for? Bid goodbye to all your chemical-rich fly repellents and invest in this FlyTrap Fan right now to stay away from nasty flies forever. We care for our customers; therefore, our product is made from 100% safe material that can be used by anybody. Our product is designed to give you full value for your money. So try it out now, and you will not regret your decision.